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Reaching Ukraine and Eastern Europe for Jesus

We are living in a historic moment right now.

The time is right and the iron is hot for a radical revival and

Great Awakening as we reach people for Jesus.

Russian Harvest Ministries is a church planting ministry in Ukraine with a strong emphasis on evangelism, discipleship and leadership training. For over thirty years we have been evangelizing the villages of Ukraine and have expanded into Eastern Europe.

Through the years we have started drug rehab centers, missionary training centers, Bible schools, a correspondence Bible school, a leadership institute, developed various methods of evangelism and so much more. Every missionary, pastor and evangelist is a native of Ukraine or Eastern Europe. Every soul matters to Jesus and we are determined to carry the Gospel message to every village.

We have a solid foundation in which to partner with churches or individuals from the West. We have launched bases in major cities and have a strong network of churches. Together we can greatly enhance the evangelization of Ukraine and other Russian speaking nations.


The harvest is ready to be picked. Please pray about standing with us. Together we can bring thousands into the Kingdom before the soon return of Jesus Christ.


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