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Family Evangelism

In our work the institute of family is under attack. Many people consider keeping family values as weaknesses, but the family is the key to a strong church, a strong city and a strong nation. Ukraine takes fourth place in the world with the amount of divorces, with statistics saying every fourth woman has an abortion due to marital problems.

To change this situation we started Family Evangelism, where we invite parents/grandparents to come with their kids/grandkids and we share with them what the Biblical principle of family is; how God looks at families and what blessings will come to people once they start building their relationship on the Word of God.


At the end of each evangelism many people come and repent of their sins before the Lord and share that they have come to realize their need to take responsibility for their families.

Kids Evangelism

These outreaches are geared with connecting with the children and showing them how much our Father in heaven loves each and every one of them. We engage them through songs, games, skits and other fun activities like trampolines, cotton candy and gifts. Each outreach gives the kids an opportunity to repent and accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

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