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Russian Harvest Ministries is dedicated to Evangelism and Church Planting in the former Soviet Union. We are totally dedicated to reaching souls for Jesus Christ. Currently we average 300 ~ 400 crusades per year. Thousands are coming to Christ, leaders raised up, evangelists trained and churches planted!


Peter & Jill Mehl

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Now reaching over 600,000 people each month! Go to Vision 2020 page  to read more...


Join with Russian Harvest Ministries as we reach thousands every month for Jesus Christ in the former Soviet Union and beyond.

RHM is now active in Ukraine, Moldova and Romania. We are also now training up evangelists in Russia, Belorussia and Norway. God is opening the doors and we are running through full speed as we conduct 250-350 outreaches every year. Leaders are raised up plus powerful evangelists for these Last Days before Jesus returns. Join the cause and let’s finish strong!


The Great Commission is Our Mission

Missionary Evangelist Peter L. Mehl has held over 3,000 village crusades in the former Soviet Union and seen thousands healed as Heaven invaded earth.

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Order Peter Mehl’s book, Behind Enemy Lines. Filled with stories of what it was like to launch  ministry in the early 90s in the former soviet union.

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Peter’s book Behind Enemy Lines is a must read for anyone desiring to know more details of how a couple could leave the affluence of America and pioneer a ministry in the ruins of a collapsed communist regime.  It is a thrilling book of how Russian Harvest Ministries was launched right after the fall of communism.

Healing & Miracles

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Peter Mehl with Sid Roth at the Odessa, Ukraine airport. After two days of successful outreaches where over 1,000 Jews made confessions of faith in Jesus, Peter brings Sid and his team to the airport in preparations for their flight home.

RHM did all the outreach planning, oversight and followup. We brought together key pastors and churches in partnership for this great outreach to see as many Jews as possible hear the Gospel.

Go to “NEWSLETTER” ~ Click on December 2015 and read the full report of the outreach on pages 8-11.

Elderly Woman Saved!

Evangelist sees women eaten by dogs in Ukraine War Zone...

Leader beaten by terrorists in Ukraine War Zone but God saves him from death!

Man healed of cancer after prayer. Jesus is still the same today and working miracles!

RHM News Update


     RHM is making final preparations to launch an major initiative for 2017 that will bring radical revival to the Full Gospel churches and believers in Ukraine and then beyond. We expect to make the initiative public by December 1, 2016. We are now creating the materials that will go with it: the DVD, CDs, booklet, posters and other materials as well as a website.

     Here is a hint! We are committed to bring the church back into Pentecost where we belong. Full of fire, faith and the Holy Spirit. Until then may the Lord bless you richly, Peter L. Mehl